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September 13th, 2010

or, you know, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7rtudocYCw if the embed code ain't working...

June 20th, 2009

101 redux

holy goat
Just a reminder (and useful new info for new players):

Friends add list here, Silent Hill maps here, your fellow taken characters here, rules here, log your tales here, invite your friends to apply here, and a helpful list of some of the basic monsters here.

July 18th, 2008

not Dumbo


Yes that is a zombie elephant running up Nathan avenue.
No zoo in Silent Hill? I know. Maybe there is one in Brahams? only Cassie would know for sure.

Your characters can see and comment on seeing elephant running around. it will cause a lot of damage to buildings in town too.

maybe even the one your character is in.

It is not easy to kill so no dont post your guy got it in one hit. This might take a lot of people to get rid of.

What it means is zombie apocalypse is spreading outside the hill. is Umbrella causing this or something else? find out soon.

June 4th, 2008

station ID, Brahams Public Access

Hello everyone, welcome to the home shopping show 'Tanaka's Amazing Commodities!

singers: Here comes Tanakaaaaa... over the airwaves to you!

President Tanaka: I'm your host, Tanaka, with a live presentation of my amazing commodities!

singers:Granter of your desires!

Tanaka: We'll show you great items at unbeatable prices. Ooh, you won't be able to touch that dial!

Let's bring out our item of the day.

It's an All Purpose Spice Rack!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's wonderfulness! All you budding gourmet chefs and kitchen witches at your wit's end will love our new All Purpose Spice Rack! It comes with all those odd and unusual tastes you only find in fancy restaurant foods- cardamon, tamarind, cilantro, tarragon, lime leaf... why, we even throw in a 3 ounce bottle of diced garlic AND that American favourite, Mrs.Dash!

But wait- there's more!!!

We'll throw in these Oldschool Cellphones for only 2999¥! Don't delay, call today!

March 17th, 2008

(no subject)

details here

It's optional, but I'd like this community to participate. Also, if the new policy offends you, post this on your personal LJs as well.
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February 4th, 2008

The How to use Fire and Water page is live!

(Which, if you have this mod/MUN LJ friended, you probably already knew, as it is graphic heavy and probably spamming your f-list today... sorry 'bout that.)

Nadine informs me the pic size limit in F&W is 450x450, 250kb.

WRC does have an LJ with updates and announcements, but it doesn't get renewed often. I'll edit this post or let you guys know what it is next time I update.

Or, you know. I could stick it in the 'friends add' list, I suppose.
So...hey! New Cs recently. Did everyone add Chizuna and Whatley already?

Earl will be joining us as soon as he clicks all those lil 'join' buttons, so friend add klaus_heinrich at your leisure...

I'm going to quit typing now while the getting is good. :D

February 3rd, 2008

When I say I will do stuff, by gum, I will DO stuff!!

-Updated monster compendium- now featuring some 0rigins and -due to the Umbrella plotline- Resident Evil beasties - is live!!!

-maps page is live!

-added some more entries to the mirror site (although irony of ironies, GJ claims to be running on a 'backup server' and suggests everyone abandon ship and move to insanejournal, so all of it may be for naught.

Haven't gotten to updating the descripts in the log library for LJ, or adding names of businesses or new streets from the Origins game to the locations page; give me time.

Next anticipated project? a 'how to use Whispering Realms' page with screencaps. To me it's pretty rudimentary, but I guess getting into Fire and Water for the first time is a bit intimidating. A suggestion? Where you're offered a 'type' of chat? Don't take scrolling. I use basic, myself. ^_^

Rumor has it 0rigins is going to be on PS2 soon. Oh you lucky ppl who waited and refused to get a PSP.

We have some new Cs, I see.

Go friend em and say hello.

Discussion before the mods and yannow, everybody else- wiki? or not to wiki? At least it'll mean some of ye's can do the typey stuff I've been hurting my fingers doing all day and add your own info where you see fit. So... CoF wiki- yay or nay?

January 31st, 2008

(no subject)

Haven't made an announcement in awhile, have we?
Made of fail. Naughty us.

This is likely as not because a number of things are waaaay behind schedule; nonetheless they WILL be gotten to (volunteers? happy helpers?).

ASAP for your viewing pleasure the following additions will be made

-NEW promo banners with the right URL (zounds! we haven't made any since we moved? yikes!!!)

-updated map page with Origins locations. (although since that game takes place in the town's past not all of these will be accessible right away due to those pesky cracks in the road made by the underground fire- or the powers that be, not too sure which D:)

-updated monster compendium (to include any original beasties made by you the players, plus all those pesky Resident Evil, Buffyverse and Potterdom things creeping in in the latest plot by our s/T Ms.Jess.)

-updated log library. No excuse. So woefully behind on this. I plead Real Life taking up too much of my pretendy fun time. still. It'll be got to (unless someone else wants to wade through those and make a NEW log library? *hopeful grin*) I expect to get to this when I get a chance to update the GJ mirror site, since the two would be well worked together.

Now for the good news... unless someone new joins tomorrow, Friends Add and Taken Characters pages are updated and live!! a number of new Cs have appeared over the last month or so, as well as a few old ones retired. So skip over and make a few new friends if you haven't already.

As you probably know, the Harry Potter crossover is winding down to a mighty! and epic! battle of silly proportions soon. Also open to most all Hillians is the RE/BtVS/XFiles plot. OoOoOOooOoOOO, conspiracy abounds!

We remind you that all players are potential s/Ts. Got an idea for a tale most or all can join? Feel free to post up in maternalheart09 said plans for crack fun or bonechilling terror, and surely someone will volunteer a c or 3 to join in. Don't be afraid if you've never done a plotline before; if it doesn't work out according to plan or you feel like dropping it eventually someone'll pick up the slack, or we can just fahgeddaboudit! if you prefer. It is all pretendy funtime games at the end of the day, after all, even in a grim little berg like Silent Hill.

Not much new news on the latest of the game installment, Silent Hill V, that anyone hasn't heard, I am sure, but I was delighted to hear that there will be NO SH game for Wii!

As a self styled couch potato gamer, I am delighted I won't have to bounce around like an idiot while playing V; if I wanted to dance, I'd go to a go-go (or play DDR).

And that is all for now...

January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year, ya kooky CoF kids.

Hope ye's decide to stick with us in 2008. Just because the big ol' apocalypse storyline ended, that doesn't mean we don't have many more plotbunnies tucked away to amuse and terrify you with.

Coming down the pipe in the next month or two is the conclusion of the Hogwarts crossover and a SH/Resident Evil/X-Files plot has been creeping in as well.

We encourage you to bring your friends to audition in any new Cs to fill out the roster, and to plotbunny up some cool plots as well.

Here's a reminder to check the friends add page every so often and freshen your friends lists as people come and go.

New folk up there this week include Dana, the rogue Slayer from the Angel series (a one off episode called "Damage", season 5) and Yoko Suzuki, a former Umbrella employee and handy gadget maker from Resident Evil Outbreak.

Friend em up and wish em luck!

September 21st, 2007

(no subject)

Log page updates are GO, baby!
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