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CrAdLe oF FoReSt

On your TVs, Hillians (should they be on)

On your TVs, Hillians (should they be on)

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station ID, Brahams Public Access

Hello everyone, welcome to the home shopping show 'Tanaka's Amazing Commodities!

singers: Here comes Tanakaaaaa... over the airwaves to you!

President Tanaka: I'm your host, Tanaka, with a live presentation of my amazing commodities!

singers:Granter of your desires!

Tanaka: We'll show you great items at unbeatable prices. Ooh, you won't be able to touch that dial!

Let's bring out our item of the day.

It's an All Purpose Spice Rack!

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's wonderfulness! All you budding gourmet chefs and kitchen witches at your wit's end will love our new All Purpose Spice Rack! It comes with all those odd and unusual tastes you only find in fancy restaurant foods- cardamon, tamarind, cilantro, tarragon, lime leaf... why, we even throw in a 3 ounce bottle of diced garlic AND that American favourite, Mrs.Dash!

But wait- there's more!!!

We'll throw in these Oldschool Cellphones for only 2999¥! Don't delay, call today!
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