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CrAdLe oF FoReSt

Haven't made an announcement in awhile, have we? Made of fail.…

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Haven't made an announcement in awhile, have we?
Made of fail. Naughty us.

This is likely as not because a number of things are waaaay behind schedule; nonetheless they WILL be gotten to (volunteers? happy helpers?).

ASAP for your viewing pleasure the following additions will be made

-NEW promo banners with the right URL (zounds! we haven't made any since we moved? yikes!!!)

-updated map page with Origins locations. (although since that game takes place in the town's past not all of these will be accessible right away due to those pesky cracks in the road made by the underground fire- or the powers that be, not too sure which D:)

-updated monster compendium (to include any original beasties made by you the players, plus all those pesky Resident Evil, Buffyverse and Potterdom things creeping in in the latest plot by our s/T Ms.Jess.)

-updated log library. No excuse. So woefully behind on this. I plead Real Life taking up too much of my pretendy fun time. still. It'll be got to (unless someone else wants to wade through those and make a NEW log library? *hopeful grin*) I expect to get to this when I get a chance to update the GJ mirror site, since the two would be well worked together.

Now for the good news... unless someone new joins tomorrow, Friends Add and Taken Characters pages are updated and live!! a number of new Cs have appeared over the last month or so, as well as a few old ones retired. So skip over and make a few new friends if you haven't already.

As you probably know, the Harry Potter crossover is winding down to a mighty! and epic! battle of silly proportions soon. Also open to most all Hillians is the RE/BtVS/XFiles plot. OoOoOOooOoOOO, conspiracy abounds!

We remind you that all players are potential s/Ts. Got an idea for a tale most or all can join? Feel free to post up in maternalheart09 said plans for crack fun or bonechilling terror, and surely someone will volunteer a c or 3 to join in. Don't be afraid if you've never done a plotline before; if it doesn't work out according to plan or you feel like dropping it eventually someone'll pick up the slack, or we can just fahgeddaboudit! if you prefer. It is all pretendy funtime games at the end of the day, after all, even in a grim little berg like Silent Hill.

Not much new news on the latest of the game installment, Silent Hill V, that anyone hasn't heard, I am sure, but I was delighted to hear that there will be NO SH game for Wii!

As a self styled couch potato gamer, I am delighted I won't have to bounce around like an idiot while playing V; if I wanted to dance, I'd go to a go-go (or play DDR).

And that is all for now...
  • hi its me nadine this is an ooc post please don't kill meeeeeeeeeeeee

    trust me when i say this: you do not need to bounce around to play the wii. if you're not adverse to a little extra wrist movement while you play, you can still slouch around on the couch/bed and play tennis and zelda and bowling and shit hahaha.
    • Re: hi its me nadine this is an ooc post please don't kill meeeeeeeeeeeee

      can we ask you to make the new banners? Ohpleaseohpleaseohplease... *puppy dawg eyes*
      • Re: hi its me nadine this is an ooc post please don't kill meeeeeeeeeeeee

        since it doesn't involve me using my tablet, i will do it. just gimme the images you want me to use... what you want on them, etc etc.
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